eduroam (secure academic Wi-Fi)

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eduroam service is a secure network that provides a nomadic access to the Internet for all students and staff of higher education and research establishments all over the world, in all eduroam member establishments. It covers most of the European countries, the USA and some Asian / Pacific countries.

Nota bene

Following an update this summer, it is possible that eduroam may no longer work on some computers due to incompatibility with the new security settings.

A reinstallation of the eduroam UGA client via (see documentation) may solve some incidents, however, the service may no longer work on computers with operating systems prior to Windows 8, High Sierra (macOS 10.13) and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
In case of difficulties, you can contact IT assistance.

Before reinstalling eduroam, be sure to uninstall the previous version of your computer.
If reinstalling eduroam does not work, only updating the operating system can solve the problem. If you are unable to update your OS, you can use the wifi-campus service (in addition to the VPN if you wish, for added security).

Presentation and access

Thanks to this secure network a UGA member traveling to another university member of the eduroam project will be able to connect via Wi-Fi with their UGA login and password. Conversely, another university member of the eduroam project may use the eduroam connection from UGA.

To connect to eduroam:
  • the user must have an Agalan account and have received their UGA login and password;
  • the computer must be equipped with a Wi-Fi certified “wireless network” card.

To log on eduroam, wherever you are, you must use:
  • your UGA login, generally a combination of your name or a part of your last name where the first letter of your first name is added at the end (it can vary if you have homonym in the university) followed by;
  • your UGA password (associated with your UGA login).

To use this service on a computer, a specific configuration is required.
To prepare your trip you can to consult the map of universities member of the eduroam project in France and around the world.

Visit for more information. In case of problems with the eduroam service you can to consult the state of the infrastructure.

A help document on how to configure eduroam is available for download.

Good to know

UGA offers two Wi-Fi network connections: eduroam and wifi-campus. What is the difference?


Strong point:
  • It’s a Wi-Fi network available to all personnel and students (and visitors when they have requested it in advance);
  • It’s available everywhere on campus;
  • All you need to use it is a web browser and your UGA IDs.

Weak point:
  • Internet access is not as well secured. The content of your exchanges once connected to the network can be intercepted by a malicious third party.


Strong point:
  • It’s a Wi-Fi network available to all personnel and students;
  • It’s available everywhere on campus and on establishments member of the eduroam project all around the world;
  • It’s a secure Wi-Fi network.

Weak point:
  • To use eduroam your computer requires a specific configuration.
Updated on  January 12, 2024