VPN (UGA private network)

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The VPN service offers a secure access to the digital resources of Université Grenoble Alpes, for all registered students and staff of the institution regardless of the location and connection method.


Whether you connect from home on an ADSL link, on a Wi-Fi hotspot with free access or on the network of another establishment via eduroam for example, you can use the VPN to securely access UGA’s digital resources almost as if you were connected physically at the university.

Access conditions

To access the VPN service, you have to follow conditions:
  • the user has to respect the IT charter;
  • the user must have an Agalan account and have received his UGA IDs.

Login details used to connect VPN

When you log on the VPN, you will need to fill in three fields:
  • your UGA Agalan login;
  • your UGA Agalan password;
  • your group: "Etudiants de l’UGA" (UGA Students) or "Personnel de l’UGA” (UGA Staff).
The Agalan login details are those commonly used to access various services: LEO Intranet, Zimbra webmail, etc.

A help procedure to set up and use the VPN is available in the “Download” box.

Visit https://nomadisme.grenet.fr/ for more information and to check the status of the infrastructure.
Updated on  February 1, 2024