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This Wi-Fi network provides an unlimited wireless connection to the Internet. It’s accessible to all UGA’s members (teachers, administrators and students).

Access conditions

To use the “wifi-campus” network you must have a UGA Agalan account and have received your login details (university login and password);
Your computer must be equipped with a Wi-Fi certified "wireless network" card.

You must first enable Wi-Fi on your computer and then:
  • right-click on the Wi-Fi icon located on your taskbar. Select the "wifi-campus" connection;
  • after choosing the connection, you have to launch your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for example) and access to http://portail-captif.grenet.fr. A specific authentication page opens;
  • enter your UGA Agalan login details (university login + password) and choose your status;
  • you can then navigate freely.
Please note: from macOS, after connecting to the "wifi-campus" network, you must install and use Mozilla Firefox, and set the automatic opening of pop-ups (or click on the Firefox banner: "You must log in to this network before you can access the internet - Open Network Login Page").

Visit https://nomadisme.grenet.fr/ for more information. In case of network problems, you will be able to consult the state of the infrastructure.

Good to know

Université Grenoble Alpes offers two types of Wi-Fi connection: eduroam and wifi-campus. What’s the difference?


Strong points:
It’s a Wi-Fi network available to all personnel and students (and visitors when requested in advance);
It’s available everywhere on campus;
To use it, all you need is an Internet browser and your UGA login details.

Weak points:
  • The Internet access isn’t as secure. The content of your exchanges on this network can be intercepted.

Strong points:
  • It’s a Wi-Fi network available to all personnel and students;
  • It’s available everywhere on campus and in other establishments all over the world if these are also federated to the eduroam community;
  • It’s a secure Wi-Fi network.

Weak points:
  • A configuration of your computer is required to use the eduroam service.
Updated on  January 12, 2024