How to recognize a phishing email?

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Among many spam emails some are more dangerous than others because they will try to steal personal information. They can for example impersonate you. This is the reason why you need to learn how to identify them.
These phishing emails will try to collect personal data such as username and passwords, bank details, etc. directly or by pretending to be a trusted organization or person.

This social engineering technique when disseminated by email is based on several elements:
  • it will take advantage of the often too rapid reading of a message;
  • it will use a notion of immediacy of the response on pain of losing a service;
  • it can use your curiosity about a disaster or a highly publicized event.

In the file available in the “Download” box, we give you some tips for recognizing these messages. The examples are emails received at UGA, which have unfortunately led to the leaking of login details.
Updated on  January 11, 2024