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Download the Campus UGA mobile application onto your smartphone to find out what's happening on campus, geolocate yourself and make the most of your multi-service card.

Application features

  • Find out about the next concert, show, forum...
  • Reserve your seat for the next conference.
  • Find the Amphidice, EVE, DLST, Accueil iCampus, where to eat, where the building for your next course is located...
  • Find out which TAG or Transisère bus stops are nearby, and when the next buses will be running.
  • Check library availability, remember when your books are due back.
  • Keep track of your print quota, pool admissions, etc.
  • View the next 15 days of your schedule *
(*) Progressive roll-out for 23 components.

Discover the application

Download the application

The Campus UGA application is available on your favorite store :

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Updated on  January 31, 2024