Mailing Lists

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A mailing list allows you to send an email to a group of people using only one address. The persons who are members (subscribers) of the list can be part of the university or be external to it.

What is a mailing list ?

A mailing list or distribution list is a specific use of electronic mail that allows the mailing of information to users who are subscribed to it. This is managed by appropriate software installed on a server available at the address (use the "CAS-UGA" button at the top right to connect). All members of the university have access to the list management interface. Through this, they can manage their profile, their subscriptions and the lists they own.

How does it work?

A mailing list has many subscribers. To send an email to all the subscribers, you just have to write to the list address.

Who can write to the subscribers?

It depends on how the list is configured. Here are some examples:

Confidential list

  • subscription / unsubscription prohibited. Only list owners can add members.
  • private archives
  • list visibility: only to subscribers
  • who can post messages: Only subscribers can post messages. Other messages are automatically rejected.

Public discussion list

  • public archives
  • list visibility : only to subscribers
  • who can post messages: only subscribers can post messages. Others will be moderated.

Hotline type list

  • private archives
  • controlled subscriptions
  • visibility of the list : only to subscribers
  • who can post messages : open to all

Do I have to be a subscriber to write to the list?

Non-subscribers are generally not allowed to write to the list, in any case their email is systematically moderated. This allows us to avoid spam while accepting "serious" mail from people outside the list.

How does one subscribe to a mailing list?

The list has an owner (a manager) who is in charge of configuring it, subscribing certain people, unsubscribing others or refusing certain subscriptions.
But often, everyone can subscribe and unsubscribe by sending an email to a particular address, specific to the list but distinct from the redistribution address. While subscription requests are most often subject to approval by the owner, the owner has no way to prevent a user from unsubscribing.

Subscriptions can also be suspended (indefinitely or not) directly from the site by selecting the relevant list and clicking on "Subscriber Options".

The archives

Emails redistributed on the list are systematically archived on the server, which means that you can always refer to them.
The archive can be open to everyone, or limited to list subscribers only. Finally, you can configure the length of time that emails are kept in the archives.

To know more

A list can be temporarily closed by the DGDSI in case of a technical problem on the list (e.g. receiving or sending unwanted emails). Lists can also be closed at the request of the management of the component or the university in case of use that does not comply with the charter and/or regulations (e.g. denigration, invasion of privacy, information or promotion of illicit activities)


Updated on  January 12, 2024