LEO student Intranet

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All services for students are gathered in a specific Intranet.
In your student Intranet you can find a multitude of information and links to different essential services for your student life. In particular, it allows quick access to your university transcript, your schedule, your webmail Zimbra and your online courses.

On your Intranet LEO these services are organized in different sections:
  • Mes ressources (My resources);
  • Mes démarches administratives (My administrative procedures);
  • Mon projet d'études et professionnel (My study and professional project);
  • Ma vie étudiante (My student life).

And also:
  • Actus (News);
  • Outils (Tools);
  • Pratique (Useful information).

On the web page 'Tous les outils numériques' (All the digital tools) you can find more information and have access to your applications.
Updated on  January 12, 2024