University login details

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Your university login details are essential to access to university services and applications.

What are university login details?

Your login details are composed of a login (generally a combination of your name or a part of your name to which is appended the first letter of your first name. It can vary if you have homonym in the university) and a password. The login details are linked to your IT account.

What’s the aim of the university login details?

Your login details are used to access all of the university's digital and IT services, such as:
  • your student webmail Zimbra;
  • LEO, the student Intranet;
  • your student schedule;
  • your online courses;
  • the connection to the teaching and self-service computer rooms;
  • the recharging of your printing account;
  • etc.

How to get your login details ?

You must first have finalized your administrative registration for your IT account to be automatically created.
If your personal email has been correctly entered, you will receive, within 48 hours of your administrative registration, an email inviting you to click on a link ( allowing you to retrieve your login, your email address university as well as create your password (by following the information indicated).

Security of your IT account

We remind you that your login details are strictly personal and non-transferable, you are responsible for them. You can’t give them to a third party under any circumstances, even if it’s a member of your family.

If you gave your password to someone, or if you think you’ve been hacked, immediately change your password.

Go to the web page "How to change my password?" to know how to proceed, and on "How to generate a secure password?" to know how to secure it.
Updated on  January 12, 2024